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Tories Won Again. People: Where`s Your Sense of Social Justice?

Maio 8, 2015


“What does five more years of the Tories mean for Britain?

The Tories’ plans for eliminating the deficit by 2018 will mean swingeing cuts to Government spending across many areas.

Health will be protected if the Tories keep their promises but local council spending, transport and defence spending will be decimated. (…) Welfare payments will be slashed One of the most controversial parts of the Conservative manifesto was to cut benefits for the working age poor by £12 bn over the next three years. But during the campaign they only said where £2 bn of these savings would come from. That leaves £10 bn still to find. Some experts think the only way they can close that gap is by means testing child benefit – with millions of families losing out.” Full Article: The Independent
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