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Maio 29, 2015

“Coffee vs Gangs: a new opportunity for a group of young people in Honduras.


For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. Joining one may sometimes seem like the only option for survival. At Kenco, we want to make a difference, so we’re starting by offering a group of vulnerable young people a chance at a better life. By training them as coffee farmers, we’re offering an alternative to gangs and an opportunity for a new future.

Over the next 11 months, they’ll learn everything from the basics of coffee farming to running their own business. Starting in September, you’ll be able to meet the participants and follow their stories.”

A very interesting project, born in Honduras, that gives youngest another opportunity of investing in their lives in a positive way.

We believe that education and knowledge open doors to empowerment for a self sustainable life! 🙂

Good things continue to happen!

Check it out below…

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