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What is the Real Solution for this Problem??

Junho 27, 2015


The image here is contradictory, as well as their “destiny” after reaching the “destiny country”.

If they don`t die from the cause of migrating from their country, they might “die” from the “solution” of having to wait for a Real one in their destiny country. If they don`t die in the way, of course.

This is a Human problem, without a plausible and sustainable solution.

The causes are complex, very, as well as the solutions might also be. We believe that the solution here presented it`s not a finite one, as it`s not tackling it´s causes by it´s roots.

Can anyone Help?

This week, the UK government announced a “task force” to tackle people smugglers carrying migrants from Africa across the Mediterranean.

People smugglers and traffickers often endanger the lives of those they carry, packing too many people on to small or poorly-serviced vessels. As such, they have become a focus in governments’ efforts to combat the recent explosion in migrant deaths in the Mediterranean. But these gangs are just one link in a long and complex chain. People are driven to leave their home countries by war and other serious problems, and when they arrive at their destinations host governments are often at a loss as to what to do with them. Should those who carry these desperate people for part of their journey be our main focus in tackling this problem?


The first step is understanding the problem in more depth.”

Complete article in “Prospect”

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